Barksdale Home

When designer Lynda Shea accepted the job of decorating a 1,300 square foot Midtown bungalow, she felt confident she understood the owner's preferences. After all, homeowner Susanna Shea is her daughter. "We have very similar tastes, and Susanna had some specific ideas. I knew she wanted to keep it simple," says Lynda. A greater challenge for Lynda was to reinvent certain areas so that every inch of space could be utilized.

The modest colors and simple patterns Lynda chose throughout reflect Susanna's uncomplicated style. The art is also understated. "I'm not interested in paintings of kings and queens," says Susanna, but I think Mom's combination of simle (Paul) Klee prints and a few traditional pieces works beautifully."

Susanna treasures the reincarnated home. "Honestly, a small space works for me because it forces me to stay better organized," she explains. Lynda is equally pleased; she has created a practical home adorned with beloved furniture, artwork, and accessories that fit her daughter perfectly.

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